Visitor Management System (VMS)
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Visitor Management System

Whether you run a school, a legal office or a manufacturing plant, the act of registering visitors is often focused on improving safety and security at your premises. Hosting visitors has always been an important part of conducting business. However, while the rest of the workplace went digital, the visitor experience was left behind. The process of elcoming and managing visitors relied on a simple lobby book and pen. Your employees will feel more comfortable knowing that any strangers or guests on-site have been processed through a Visitor Management system and screened accordingly.

At the most basic level, Visitor Management systems perform the important task of tracking who is on your premises. Our advanced Visitor Management systems can track when guests arrive, limit where they are allowed to go, control the length of their stay and even screen them against publicly available background data. Simply put, Visitor Management systems give you maximum control over the guests accessing your facilities, a key aspect to keeping those facilities safe and secure.

Reason to digitalised your Visitor Management System

  1. Reduce visitor check in times – With Iquickreg VMS, receptionis can quickly capture visitor data (Name, ID or passport number, address, photo) with with just single click. Visitor also can do pre-register online thru the link provide by the host.
  2. Instant Data and Detailed Reporting - Whether you’re reporting on total number of site visitors or something a little more detailed, Iquickreg gives you an accurate picture of who is on site or in the building, with a real-time visitor dashboard and ability to view historical reports.

  3. Watchlist - Working in line with ID scanning, watchlists(wanted, building black list) can be integrated and uploaded into Visitor Management solution back-offices. When a match is made, an alert notification appears to inform staff

  4. Third-Party Integrations – our vms can integrated with most of the door access and turn stile, fully utilised our system with existing hardware.

IQuickReg VMS System Features
Registration Standard Advanced
Standalone Operation (single-station) Yes Yes
Network-environment Operation (multi-station) - Yes
Dashboard - Yes
Basic data: NRIC, Name, Visit Reason, Host, Company Name, Phone, Vehicle Number, Passcard Number Yes Yes
Advanced data: Spouse data, Medical data, Company data, Supporting - Yes
Document Yes Yes
and Sign-out Tracking Yes Yes
Zoning - Yes
MyKad-ready Yes Yes
Barcode-ready Yes Yes
Passport-ready Yes Yes
Webcam-ready (With cropping ability) Yes Yes
* Mifare-ready (Optional) - Yes
Scanning-ready - Yes
Manual data entry Yes Yes
Customizable data field Yes -
Visit Form (With printing ability) Yes Yes
Visit Pass Generation and Printing (Label or Card) - Yes
Briefing Management - Yes
* Web-based Appointment Management (Optional) - Yes
User Management and Security
Password control Yes Yes
User Management - Yes
Access rights Management - Yes
Visitor Management
View In-Building Visitors Yes Yes
Visitor Counter Yes Yes
Basic Criteria Search Capabilities Yes Yes
Advanced Criteria Search Capabilities - Yes
Blacklist Visitor Yes Yes
Listing of blacklisted visitor Yes Yes
Whitelist Visitor - Yes
Overstayer Visitor - Yes
Overstayer and Blacklist Email Alert - Yes
Reporting and Others
Basic Printout and Export to Excel Yes Yes
Advanced Reporting - Yes
Web Reporting - Yes

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